The Shoe Is Dead

Hirsh’s Shoes proudly boasts the new MBT anti-shoe.  The anti-shoe defends your back against the corrosive power of hard surfaces—and challenges all shoes, boots, sandals, and flip-flops to do the same.  Not just anti-shoe, MBTs are anti anything that doesn’t improve your posture, anti anything that doesn’t protect your joints and tone your muscles effortlessly, and anti anything that doesn’t change your life for the better.

Anti-Shoe, Pro-Body

MBT believes in footwear that makes you better from the ground up.  The anti-shoe does just that.  The specially designed sole improves your gait and posture while relieving pressure on your joints and back.  The anti-shoe also exercises numerous muscles.  This stimulates your metabolism, burns extra calories and speeds up muscle regeneration .  Who knew being anti had so many pros?

The MBT Difference

Our bodies need imbalance, yet shoes and hard, flat surfaces artificially stabilize us artificially.  Not only does this cause important muscles to lose function, it results in some of today’s most prevalent health problems:  back and joint pain. 

The MBT’s many layers provide firmness to evenly distribute pressure around the foot, encourage naturally rolling movement while walking, and create the imbalance our bodies require.  Bring all the elements together and you have footwear with a positive effect on the body that is akin to walking barefoot on a springy surface.





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